About us

De Heer BV specializes in developing and supplying high-pressure reactors, high pressure systems and components including control & automation. 
Since 1994 we represent the Swiss companies SITEC Sieber Engineering and Premex Solutions. 


High quality and innovative products

We offer a comprehensive range of superb quality Swiss made components and equipment. Our partners are renowned manufacturers with a proven track record.

  • Premex High Pressure Reactors
    High Pressure reactors for R&D and Pilot production with volumes between 20 ml and 200 liters. 
    A wide range of construction materials is available.
  • Premex Magnetic Stirring Couplings
    Magnetic stirring couplings to stir pressure vessels, reactors and glass-ware under vacuum or high pressure without the risk of leakage.
    Available in different materials and options like torque measurement.
  • SITEC Sieber High Pressure Components up to 10.000 bar
    Valve's, Fittings, Bursting disc holders, Optical cells, Pressure generators, etc.
  • SITEC High Pressure Pilot units
    Units for Supercritical CO2 extraction, Ultra high pressure generating systems (10.000 bar), autofrettage, etc

Custom made solutions and components 

The main part of the equipment we supply is developed according to customers specifications. This varies from adaptions to standard equipment to tailored engineering solutions.  

Service, repair and retrofitting

For us it is important that our customers make the best use of our products and benefits all high quality aspects of it.
A part of that is keeping equipment always in optimal and safe working condition. You can contact us for spare parts, repair, maintenance and retrofitting of older units.