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CS320 stand alone controller

The CS320 controller is specifically developed for Premex and offers the control of standard autoclaves without the need of a computer application. Data export is possible via a USB connection on the front of the cabinet, but is also possible via a network connection

CS320 stand alone controller for autoclaves

features and advantages:

  • Fit for purpose controller for standard autoclaves
  • Easy operation; No laptop or PC needed for controls, logging and trending
  • Language selectable in four languages
  • Alarms, set point limits and ranges are adjusted via the set-up program. These settings are protected and can only be changed by the operator by using a password.
  • Modular design: extra functions upon request

Basic control functions

  • Heating and cooling
    Master/slave heat/cool control. An eight-segment temperature programmer is available.
  • Stirring    
    The stirrer speed is adjustable. The speed is read back real time via the speed sensor (reed contact or Hall sensor) at the magnetic stirring coupling.
  • Pressure    
    The pressure is read at the controller given by a 4 - 20 mA signal of a pressure transmitter.
  • Alarms
    Three alarms are present:
    - Jacket temperature alarm at the rear side of the cabinet
    - Medium temperature alarm at the controller
    - Pressure high alarm at the controller
    When a new alarm occurs, the heater is switched off and the cooling valve will be opened. An alarm must be solved and acknowledged before operation is continued.
  • Data acquisition     
    The data can be stored on an USB stick. The format is a .CSV Excel compatible format. Data cannot be lost. When the stick is removed, the data is stored on the controller memory and will be purged when the USB stick is replaced again. All relevant process values and set points are stored on the USB stick.
  • Historical trending    
    A trending application is available at the controller which shows temperatures, pressure and strirring speed.