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High throughput screening reactor

This type of reactor allows you to perform multiple reactions simultaneous in glass vials under pressure. The glass vials are placed in heated pressure chambers and since the in- and outside of the glass vialsare pressurized, there is no differential pressure over the glass wall. Al the vials can be stirred with a magentic stirring bar. This type of reactor can be made in different configurations: with 12, 24, 48 or 96 positions. Ideal to perform fast screening of catalysts.

Premex High Throughput / Catalyst Screening Reacor

features and advantages

Reactions in a glass vials under pressure and at temperatures up to 200 °C. Ideal for fast screening of catalysts Depending on the configuration: the vials can be operated under different pressures, gasses and temperatures simultaneously. Vials are stirred with magnetic stirring bars Also available in Hastelloy for use of corrosive gasses
Volume (vials) 5 mL - 20 mL
Pressure -1 to +100 bar
Temperature -20 to 200 °C