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The Premex Pinto autoclave is built in a solid stainless steel square tubular frame with the lid fixed.
The heating/cooling mantle and the vessel are moved up and down with the aid of a pneumatic lift system. The vessel can be taken out for emtying or cleaning purposes and the reactor is closed by a jaw lock quick closure or bolts and nuts.

Premex Pinto Autoclave

features and advantages

Solid stainless steel frame with the lid fixed. Autoclave can be opened/closed by lowering the vessel with a pneumatic lift Available with a jaw lock quick closure or bolts and nuts. Different materials available: Stainless steel, Hastelloy, Titanium, etc Electric heating or double shell oil heating Magnetic stirring coupling for absolutely leak tight stirring Customized configuration, also in ATEX version available
Volume 70 ml - 1,2 Liter
Pressure -1 to +500 bar
Temperature -20 to 500 °C