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The Premex Twister is a very versatile autoclave which is specially developed for use on lab tables/ bench tops and in fume cupboards. A quick closure jaw lock is used for reliable and quick openening and closing the autoclave. The vessel is removable from the copper/light alloy heating and cooling block. Volumes ranging from 70mL to 1.2L.

Premex Twister 

features and advantages

Opening of the autoclave by a jaw lock quick closure or bolts and nuts Different materials available: Stainless steel, Hastelloy, Titanium, etc Electric heating or double shell oil heating Magnetic stirring coupling for absolutely leak tight stirring Customized configuration
Volume 70 mL - 1 L
Pressure -1 to +500 bar
Temperature -20 to 500 °C

Reactor vessel and lid

Removable vessel for emtying or cleaning purposes.  The autoclave cover can be lifted, complete with its fittings, and placed in its support without the need to disconnect any of the valves or connections. Quick closure or bolts and nuts

Type of sealing

Different type of seals available depending on chemistry and pressure/temeprature specifications

O-ring (FKM/Viton, FFKM/Karez, etc) Silver  Grafoil PTFE  Camprofile gasket with Mica/ graphite

Conections, valve's and fittings

We configure every autoclave according to your needs. Basic configuration incorporates:

Gas inlet and outlet  Diptube for sampling Thermowell with Pt-100 or thermocouple Pressure transmitter + Manometer SITEC bursting disk holder + bursting disk or pressure safety valve Including Swagelok valves

Heating and cooling

Two versions available:

Electric heating + cooling coil with selenoid valve Double-shell for connection with external thermostatic bath

Stirring motor and magnetic coupling 

Magnetic coupling 20 - 90 Ncm Different types of bearings which are easy removable: chrome steel and hybride ball bearings, teflon/graphite plain bearings Stirring speed 0 - 3000 rpm Stirring speed measurement with reed contact or Hall sensor 3-phase 230/400V electromotor (also ATEX available)

Control systems

For control sysems you can chooose beween a stand alone controller or a advanced proces control system:

Stand alone controller: Ordino CS320 CS350 controller and PC + Dizanta software 

Customized configuration and options

We configure every reactor according to customer specifications. This means that design pressure and temperature, material of choise, amount and type of connections, extra options can be adapted to the needs of you research puposes. 

Reactor, magnetic coupling and wetted parts in corrosive resistant metals Teflon / glass liners Different stirrers available: gas injection stirrer, diagonal blade stirrer, anchor stirrer etc Catalyst basket, removable baffles  SITEC sapphire optical cells for analytical puposes like RAMAN, UV-VIS Special valves, instruments etc