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Vivor - Varioso

This Premex Vivor is a small reactor which can be placed into an oven. We can supply it with a mantle for use in combination with an IKA heating and stirring plate which allows to stir the content with a magnetic stirring bar. The connections on the lid can be adapted to your needs. On the photo a SITEC three-way valve + manometer is shown. We also supply this reactor with a magnetic stirring coupling for use with different type of impellors: see Premex Apart.

Premex Vivor - Vario

features and advantages

Vivor: most basic reactor with stirring Varioso: Vivor in combination wit special mantle which can be placed on top of an IKA stirring/heating plate Different materials available: Stainless steel, Hastelloy, Titanium, etc Ideal for hydrothermal reactions: can be used with teflon/glas liners and pressure and temperature of the medium can be monitored Different connections possible on the lid
Volume 20 mL -125 mL
Pressure -1 to +700 bar
Temperature -20 to 500 °C

Reactor vessel and lid

Simple and reliable closure with a union nut Teflon / glass liners available for hydrothermal reactions Can be combined with different type of heating systems Different materials available: Stainless steel, Hastelloy, Inconel, etc

Type of sealing

Different type of seals available depending on chemistry and pressure/temeprature specifications

O-ring (FKM/Viton, FFKM/Karez, etc) For high temperature versions: silver or grafite flat gasket or metal to metal sealing

Conections, valve's and fittings

We configure every autoclave according to your needs. Basic configuration incorporates:

Gas inlet and outlet  Diptube for sampling Thermowell with Pt-100 or thermocouple Manometer  SITEC bursting disk holder + bursting disk  Swagelok or SITEC valves  Optional: extra pressure transmitter (4 - 20mA), high temperature versions

Heating and cooling

Two versions available:

Heating and stirring by a IKA hotplate stirrer.
In this case a isolated heating mantle with copper is placed on top of the IKA hotplate stirrer.  Heating by an electric or thermostatic oil heating mantle: see Premex Apart


Magnetic stirring bar in combination with a IKA hotplate stirrer. For better mixing/ stirring we recomend the Premex autoclave type "Andorra" with has a magnetic coupling with different types of impellers available.

Customized configuration and options

We configure every reactor according to customer specifications. This means that design pressure and temperature, material of choise, amount and type of connections, extra options can be adapted to the needs of you research puposes. 

Reactor and wetted parts in corrosive resistant metals (Hastelloy, Inconel, Incoloy etc) Teflon / glass liners

The example below is a 125 ml Hastelloy autoclave with a teflon liner for hydrothermal reactions.
This version has a thermowell + thermocouple to measure the medium temperature, pressure gauge, bursting disc and a valve (for pressure release)