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Airplay (NS29/32) - Aircop (NS45/40)

These Premex air driven magnetic stirring couplings are designed for the use on glass reactors and glassware with ground joints. These coupling are a very elegant solution for absolute leak tight stirring applications in lab glassware under vacuum. The conical joint of the coupling has two O-rings which provides the sealing between coupling and the ground joint of the glass.
A great advantage of the air driven motor is the application in EX zone's. The complete stirring system is supplied with ATEX

Premex Airplay (NS29/32) - Aircop (NS45/40)

Features and advantages:

For high vacuum applications Air driven motor for use in ATEX zone's Airplay: NS29/32 connection Aircop: NS45/40 connection Sealing to the ground glass joint with two o-rings (Viton, Kalrez, EPDM, etc) Available in 40, 60 and 90 Ncm Stainless steel or Hastelloy C22 as standard material. Versions in Titanium, Inconel and Tantalum on request Option to choose between stainless steel ball bearings, hybrid bearings or slide bearings Easy to change and clean the internal shaft and bearings 
Torque 40 - 90 Ncm
Temperature max. 300 °C