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Isodrive: 2 to 40Nm

The Premex magnetic coupling type "Isodrive" is the most power coupling in our range and can be combined with different types of electromotors and gearboxes. The coupling is mounted on the reactor with a flange or with a thread for the smaller versions. For absolutely leak tight stirring of reactors at high pressure or full vacuum.

Premex Isodrive Magnetic coupling

Features and advantages

Available in different materials: Stainless steel, Hastelloy C22, Titanium, 904L, Incoloy etc Can be equiped with torque measurement sensors Different types of bearings available.  3-phase 230/400V electromotor: different types available Extra gearbox for slow speeds Reed contact or Hall sensor for rpm measurement. Side connection with valve for gas feed or cleaning
Torque 2 - 40 Nm
Pressure max 700 bar
Temperature max 500 °C