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Mini series: 20 to 50 Ncm

This series of Premex magnetic stirring couplings are equiped with a 24V/DC Micromotor and can be combined with Premex controll units to adjust and measure the stirring speed. The models in this range consist of the: Minisprint - Minimaster - Miniroyal and are special developped for stirring small reactors.

Premex Mini series Magnetic Couplings with Integrated Motor

Features and advantages

M18x1 theaded connection (other thread types and dimensions on request) Sealing to the autoclave lid by a metal to metal seal or O-ring (Viton, Kalrez, EPDM etc) Torque: 20 or 50 Ncm Stainless steel or Hastelloy C22 as standard material. Versions in Hastelloy C276, B3 or Titanium Gr. 2 on request Option to choose between stainless steel ball bearings, hybrid bearings or slide bearings Micromotor 24V/DC (see also our control units for magnetic stirring couplings) Speed reading connection on the driven shaft Easy to change and clean the internal shaft and bearings 
Torque 20 - 50 Ncm
Pressure max 700 bar
Temperature max 300 °C

Premex Minisprint

A 24V/DC micromotor combined with a minimised magnetic strirring coupling - that's the concept behind the Minisprint.
The Minisprint is the most basic version of the three with a reed contact for stirring speed measurement.


Premex Minimaster

Compared with the Minisprint, the Premex Minimaster has a side-mounted connection with a valve for gas feed. This connection can be used to feed gas into the reactor and/ or clean the shaft and bearing assembly of the magnetic coupling.

Premex Miniroyal

The Premex Miniroyal is the most versatile version of the Premex magnetic stirring couplings of the mini series and is also used for the Premex Andorra and Avalon autoclaves. This coupling features:

Connection for stirring speed measurement 2 side-mounted connections with a valve's for gas feed or pressure release Pressure gauge Bursting disk holder fittedwith bursting disk