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Minifiz (NS29/32) - Cirrus (19/26) - Movic (14/23)

These Premex magnetic stirring couplings are designed for the use on glass reactors and glassware with ground joints. These coupling are a very elegant solution for absolute leak tight stirring applications in lab glassware under vacuum. The conical joint of the coupling has two O-rings which provides the sealing between coupling and the ground joint of the glass.

Premex Minifiz - Cirrus - Movic

Features and advantages:

  • For high vacuum applications
  • Minifiz: NS29/32 connection
  • Cirrus: NS19/26 connection
  • Movic: NS14/23 connection
  • Sealing to the ground glass joint with two o-rings (Viton, Kalrez, EPDM, etc)
  • Available in 20 and 50 Ncm
  • Stainless steel or Hastelloy C22 as standard material. Versions in Titanium, Inconel and Tantalum on request
  • Option to choose between stainless steel ball bearings, hybrid bearings or slide bearings
  • Easy to change and clean the internal shaft and bearings 
  • Smaller design compared to the Glenfiz and Alluro
Torque 20 - 50 Ncm
Temperature max. 300 °C