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Air driven diaphragm compressors

SITEC Air driven diaphragm type compressors for absolute clean compression of gases in reactors, autoclaves and isostatic presses.

Pressure max. 1.000 bar

Features and advantages

Absolute clean compression of gases with the double diaphragm in stainless steel AISI 301. Specially suited for explosion-proof environments.  In process engineering to generate pressure in reactors, autoclaves and isostatic presses. Discharge pressure adjustable by variation of the air drive pressure. Maximum safety through optimum stress distribution in the compressor head. The gas inlet and outlet connections are located in the top of the compressor head. Sturdy construction and high wear resistance of the packings even at high pressures. Easy to handle, low weight, compact design. Material: Stainless steel 17–4 PH (AISI 630) and AISI 301.


Special designs (for H2 and O2) are available on request