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Electrical connectors

SITEC Electrical connectors to transmit electrical measuring data as well as to feed and control the heating capacity in high-pressure vessels. Special custom-built designs are available on request.

Pressure max. 7.000 bar / 10.000 PSI
Temperature -50°C to +175°C

Electrical single connectors

Features and advantages

To transmit electrical measuring data as well as to feed and control the heating capacity in high-pressure vessels. To connect control leads and to insert electrical measuring leads into high-pressure apparatus. This self-sealing high-pressure lead is insulated and seals against the internal vessel pressure. To connect the wires, the leads have two nuts on the outside and are shaped as tube OD 2 mm x ID 0.7 mm on the inside. Different lengths L of the lead in the HP vessel with insulation are available. Standard length L is 50 mm. Please specify the required length with the order. Operating temperature: –50°C to +175°C, current: max. 10 A, insulating resistance: >1011 Ohm. Caution: Only to be used with non-conductive fluids or insulated conductors. Complete electrical single connectors available for assembly in standard SITEC HP connections 1/4 HP, 3/8 HP and 9/16 HP. Available from stock.


Special designs on request.

Electrical multiconnectors

Features and advantages

Electrical multiconnectors are available with an external O-ring seal or a Bridgman closure. The sophisticated Bridgman closure is used in high-pressure and high-temperature applications. Based on the Bridgman principle, a pressure of approximately 50% above the internal pressure is generated in the packing rings. Therefore leakage is absolutely excluded. The design of the electrical leads is identical with that of the single electrical connectors. The external seal rings in both multiconnector models are in PTFE. Based on their high chemical and diffusion resistance these electrical connectors can be used in most applications. All electrical multiconnectors are available with 1 to 7 electrical leads. Dimensions of assembly on request.


Special custom-built designs are available on request.