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Hand and metering valves

SITEC high pressure hand and metering valves with metric or imperal HP connections.

Pressure max 10.000 bar / 145.000 PSI
Temperature max fluid working temperature 200°C

Features and advantages

  • Maximum reliability and safety at extreme pressures.
  • Zero leakage provides high integrity and performance.
  • Stem backlash problems eliminated.
  • Easy operation – low operating torque.
  • Satisfies most quality control and certification requirements. 
  • Material certificates available.
  • Lower cost – exotic material valves.
  • Safety weep holes on tubing connections and packing.
  • Professional sales and service back-up.
  • Connections for inch and metric SITEC HP tubing.
  • Maximum fluid working temperature 200°C (400°F).
  • All valves are factory tested and available short-dated.


  • 6 body patterns. – Replaceable seat valve: Type 6.
  • Stem tip designs include – Vee, Regulating (710.01) and Metering – 710.02.
  • Air- and hydraulically-operated valves – see 710.03.
  • Stem extension for low or high temperatures – 710.05/.06.
  • Valves with special inserts and all wetted parts in exotic materials – Hastelloy C, titanium – 710.06.
  • Lower stem made of ceramic, tungsten carbide, etc.
  • Antivibration connectors for extended service life of tubing on cyclic applications.
  • Extended drive shaft for high- and low-temperature service.
  • Drive with incorporated torque limiter.