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Pressure intensifiers

SITEC Pressure generators for simple and easy generation of high pressures in liquids and gases

Pressure max. 10.000 bar

Features and advantages

Simple and easy generation of highest pressures in liquids and gasses Used for pressure testing and autofrettaging of pressure vessels, valves, tubings, fittings and complete systems. In process engineering for the pressure generation in reactors, pressure vessels and isostatic com paction systems. Intensifiers are manufactured in two basic models for producing pressures up to 7,000 bar (100,000 PSI) and 10,000 bar (150,000 PSI). Reliability and safety with optimum stress distribution in the high-pressure cylinder. The intensifier consists of a stepped-piston-cylinder arrangement with a fixed intensifier ratio of 1:16. The low-pressure fluid is pumped into the large cylinder expelling the fluid from the small cylinder at a higher pressure, depending on the area ratio and friction. Sturdy design and minimum wear at highest pressures. External piston position indicator. Safe operation with Bridgman high-pressure closures on the dynamic and static packings. Material: Stainless steel 17-4 PH. Intensifier systems: For each pressure range three typical models are available for gases and liquids.


Custom-made designs available on request.