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Pilot units for supercritical fluid extraction of solids

Selective separation of valuable thermolabile components from solid and liquid raw materials using a supercritical gas as solvent.


Low-temperature separation produces natural extracts Chemically inert and non-toxic solvents leave no residue in the extract Solubility variation achieved by changing extraction pressure and temperature High selectivity and diffusion rate


Closed CO2 cycle Contaminant-free recirculation of supercritical solvent High-performance separation step Hand-operated quick-opening closures Continuous process with liquid raw materials


Fractionated separation with fluid cyclone Fractionated extraction n Modifier system Multivessel design Preparation for retrofit with additional extractors, separators, etc. Data acquisition system Process control and batch documentation with programmable logic controller (PLC)
Specifications Standard design Options
Max. operating pressure 300 bar 500, 700 bar
Max. operating temperature 80°C 120, 150, 200°C
CO2 flow capacity 18 l/h 10, 30, 50, 100 l/h
Extractor capacity 1 litre 2, 4, 6, 10, 20 litres